Been a long long long time……

Yes, I have been away for far too long. I know, I know! I’ll try and do better. So ,in the past year, a few things have happened in my life.

First, I quit my job as a housekeeper before I killed someone. That job was not only tough, poorly managed, but it made me very, very angry. So angry, that all I wanted to do was drink when I got home from work. And you know THAT isn’t good.

Second, we started weight lifting! I went from 135 pounds to 145 pounds! I’ve been struggling with that weight increase a lot. I know it’s mostly muscle, but I really wanted to be more “slim”. I did, however, get my ASS back! I love lifting heavy though, so maybe  I’ll back off a little and add some interval training too.  A couple weeks ago, I dead lifted 200 lbs for reps, squatted 165 lbs for reps and bench pressed 95 lbs. My strength gains, for a 51 year old woman, have been really good. I’m STRONG and I have nice biceps!!IMG_1650

Third, my oldest daughter had her first child at the end of March. I got to spend an entire month helping her out, before and after Zoë was born. I also got to spend some time with my son-in-law, who had been in Afghanistan and then Germany. He was able to make it home for the baby’s arrival. He had to go back shortly afterwards, but he was home within a couple of months. And now, surprise, surprise, my daughter is expecting AGAIN! I can’t wait to go back to Florida to see my kids and grandkids 🙂

I’ll try and get some weight lifting numbers, inches gained or lost and weight put up here soon. But for now, you can grin at my adorable grandbaby 🙂

My new Granddaughter!

My new Granddaughter!



IMG_1529 IMG_1538 IMG_1602


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