Long time, no see!

It’s been a long time since I blogged last. We’re still Paleo (of course) and we’re exercising pretty much regularly. Well, I am anyway. We’ve been hiking almost every weekend. How could you NOT hike in this gorgeous county? There are so many trails and so many points of interest. A couple weekends ago, we […]

Trying to Be FIT

I know I’ve been quite a slacker the last couple of weeks. I’m trying hard to motivate and get moving. Well today I managed to haul my butt out on the Fraser River Trail and hike to the resort (Winter Park Resort). It’s a nice 3 mile hike along a paved trail that just so […]

Week 4 of Primal/Paleo

Well, I have to admit, I thought I did really crappy last week. I didn’t expect to lose anything! As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t have surprised me to gain weight. Apparently I wasn’t as “bad” as I thought I was. I think that was just guilt from eating those cake donettes from 7-Eleven […]

Week 3 of Primal/Paleo

Two years ago, I had hypertension. I was on medication for quite a while. This really disturbed me, considering my young age. Then I lost some weight with P90X and my BP returned to normal. I stopped the medication. (with my Physician’s blessing, of course) My Hubby and I took up bike riding after that […]