Starting Strength 4 weeks later

The program has been going very well. I’m really enjoying going to the gym! It makes me feel fantastic afterwards. (hello endorphins!) The hardest part for me has been watching my weight go up. I know, I know, it’s muscle. But even some of my smaller jeans don’t fit anymore. Perhaps it’s the “butt comeback” that’s making them tight LOL! Well, that is what I wanted after all. I’m working hard to make my brain realize that size means nothing.  So here are the results after a month. (I did miss a couple days at the gym because of a bad allergy attack though)

Weight 135 – up 5lbs

bicep – 11 1/2

upper chest – 36

waist – 32 (up 1″)

hips – 36 1/2 (up 1/4″)

thighs – 20 (up 3/4″)

Barbell Dead Lifts

80lbs (now lifting 135)

Military Press

42lbs (now 52lbs)

Olympic Squats

80lbs (now 105lbs)

added Bench Presses


added Chin-ups

3 sets of 5 reps with 55lbs assistance


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