Lifting Heavy Things


Since I’m currently stalled on my fat loss (and have been for several months) we’ve decided to “Lift Big Eat Big”. Ok, it was all hubby’s idea. I probably never would have thought of it. But it makes sense to get strong now. Recently, I turned 50 and I don’t want to whither away. I want to be STRONG and lift heavy things.

I’ve been to the gym twice already and I’m squatting 85lbs, pressing 47 and dead-lifting 90. Not bad for an old broad like me! LOL! Just WAIT! In a couple weeks I’ll post the weight, measurement, max weights and all that jazz. Maybe even post you a picture or two. I neglected to take any photos that didn’t include my undies. Sorry, I wouldn’t scare anyone with photos like that 😀

So keep tuned, and lets see if I can “Lift Big Eat Big” over the next two weeks. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work too. Talk about DE-motivation! ;-/


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