The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley

Hubby and I just watched Mr. Moseley on our local PBS station. His method of reduced calorie fasting twice a week really caught out collective eyes. We’ve both read a lot about Intermittent Fasting. It does make sense in the Paleo mind (at least to mine). Our ancestors didn’t always have a steady supply of food and going hungry a couple times a week was not uncommon. 

Since I appear to be stuck at around 125 lbs, I figure what the heck. We’re doing the reduced calorie fasting a couple times a week starting today. Keep watching over the next 6-8 weeks and see if I’ll ever get into that bikini I’ve always wanted. Right now, I’m skinnier, I feel like I look great, but I still want to lose the excess belly fat that I blamed on my pregnancies (some 30 years ago LOL!).


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