Still wheat free…..and still healthy and happy 🙂 I don’t feel the need to “bake” anything anymore. Baked goods don’t need to be part of my diet anyway.

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It began, as many misadventures do, innocently enough.

I had baked a loaf of bread. A simple, honest bread made from the best of simple, honest ingredients. Nonetheless, several dinner guests declined the bread. My friends, it turned out, were boycotting gluten. Hadn’t I heard? Gluten was the new great Satan. It was as if I were offering cocktails of Red Dye No. 2 served with asbestos straws in leaded crystal tumblers.

I had misguidedly thought that homemade bread had placed me in the vanguard of healthy living. Apparently I was wrong. I’d inadvertently played into the hands of the industrial baking complex and their evil agenda.

This led me to an inquiry into the gluten gripe, that led to poking about the subject of commercial baking, that led to examining the GMO debacle that deposited me on a sofa opposite Dr. William Davis, author of the massively bestselling book,

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