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Curious Cavemanda

It’s cold, really cold. Like, hour-long-hot-showers cold. Cuddle-with-your-kitty-under-a down-blanket cold. Wear-pants-over-pants cold.


All this talk of wind-chill and freezing temperatures have me dreaming of California where my friends back home are bragging of 80 degree days. Despite the chilly weather, I still like to start my mornings with a breakfast shake (if you can’t beat the cold, join it) and this week, I was inspired by the Golden State, making a shake with avocado and honey.

I was lucky enough to attend Cal Poly Pomona where one of my on-campus apartments (and the university track) was across the street from an avocado grove. Naturally when Coach Johnson would have us sprinters go on shake-out runs, I would run through the avocado groves and help “clean up” some of the fruit that had fallen from the trees.

This shake reminds me of those beautiful, sunny runs. So while you may be…

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  1. Thanks for this! I made a mistake with my online grocery shop this week and ended up with loads of avocados, I’ve been looking for new ways to use them

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