This sounds absolutely amazing. I LOVE Pad Thai 🙂

My Food Religion

I LOOOOOOOVVEE Pad Thai but between the sugar, salt & MSG that is usually strategically hidden in its deliciousness, we are no longer best of friends….. Until now. Guess what I got, guess what I got?? Go on? Guess?! You can’t? Ok, I’ll tell you!! COCONUT AMINOS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mammoth Kitchen for my very special “sneak preview” delivery! It was so fresh off the boat that it didn’t even have a cool Mammoth label yet! You will be able to get yours from their ONLINE SHOP soon! Until then, check this out and drool!!

Why Coconut Aminos? It is a Paleo alternative to soy sauce, made from the sap of the coconut tree, it has a much higher amino acid profile than soy sauce (amino acids help repair and rebuild muscle tissue), is lower in sodium AND is obviously a non-soy product. Why no soy? Read…

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