Oh yes….I will try this one!

BIG EATS tiny kitchen

It is official… I AM DONE!  I took my Professional Engineering (P.E.) exam yesterday and I feel GREAT.  I was so worried that after I finished that 8-hour monster exam, that I would feel drained and crappy and not want to be around anyone….but instead I walked out of that room like Mary Poppins and a bird singing on my shoulder. I was on a high…and still am. Who knows if I passed, but it feels good for it to be over.

I feel like I have new-found freedom. A new life. What should I do with ALL this time…. build a pantry? Finish painting the hallway that I started painting a year ago? Finish painting the back bedroom that I started a year ago?  Clean? no……

Instead, I shall make apple pancakes. And applesauce and apple pie and apple butter. And well, a lot of apple things, because I…

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