Long Time no SEE! Hiking, traveling, working, and now OFF!

Well, I must say I’ve been slacking on my blogging. But I do have an excuse! I’ve been hiking just about ever weekend that I’m off. We’ve also traveled to Southern Illinois to visit with the in-laws. So that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been sticking pretty solidly to my Paleo diet. I have my “cheat meals” once in a great while. Usually it’s a trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant and some Carne Asada! I can’t help it…I love their flour tortillas and refried beans. My weight and body fat have continued to drop steadily. I’m wondering where I’ll “level out”. Currently I’m down to 125 pounds (which is amazing to me, since 3 years ago I was 170!) I’m also wearing a size 6 jeans. I can’t even remember when I wore a size 6 last. Maybe high school? I’ve noticed that finally my belly fat is starting to disappear. I wonder if I can get a new belly button (tummy tuck) like me sister did 😀 (She totally deserved it after losing over 100 pounds. And she looks AMAZING!)

Weight 125

35 1/4 – upper chest (-1/4)

32 1/4 – under breasts (-1/4)

30 3/4 – waist (-1/4)

33 – at belly button (easy target to find LOL!) (same)

35 1/4 – hips (-1/2)

20 – upper thigh (same)

These are measurements and weight are from 8/31/2012 – 9/19/2012.

A couple weeks ago, Tom and I hiked up to Devil’s Thumb. It was a nice, steep and strenuous climb. I’ve noticed that I am getting better at hiking in these elevations. Hopefully my endurance will be even better next year. Especially since we finally succeeded at quitting smoking together! (111 days today! WOOT) Anyway…back to the hike….

It was very chilly at the top of the pass, looking down at Devil’s Thumb Lake. If we’d had any precipitation, I bet it would’ve been snow up there! Thank goodness we packed rain gear, sweat shirts, gloves and hats. Layered up, we were nice and warm. Of course, as soon as you start hiking down, it gets warmer. Then we stripped it all off! (well, not ALL off…I don’t think they allow nude hiking here) Enjoy our photos!

Hiking has to be one of my favorite pastimes. Not only is it good exercise, but I feel that it’s totally Paleo as well! Good for mind & body! Hope to have another hike sometime this week. I’ll try not to slack on blogging so much. Since I have about 6 weeks off until ski season, I’ll have plenty of time to share with you all.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
Khalil Gibran


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