Mt. Ida, Rocky Mountain National Park – Bagged My First PEAK!

On August 10th, I finally made it to the peak of Mt. Ida. (Without bitching, moaning, whining or giving up, this time) It was a gorgeous hike, the weather was cool and clear with a chance of thunderstorms. From Milner’s pass, it’s a short hike to get above tree line. Once there, the views are incredible! It seemed like a long hike to the peak. However we enjoyed the marmots and pikas that flitted across our trail. It’s hard to walk across a boulder field when you want to look at every pika that squeaks at you. Our trip down was rather quick. The thunderstorms were building all around us. We could see lightning and hear thunder several miles away. So we high-tailed it down the trail to get below tree line. Very exciting and we only got sprinkled on!

Here’s our map of the route.

The view of the Gorge Lakes from the summit is magnificent. I really felt like I was on top of the world. Well, it’s 12,880 feet, so it’s really UP there! Here’s a bit of information about Mt. Ida. {link}

Enjoy the pictures!


5 thoughts on “Mt. Ida, Rocky Mountain National Park – Bagged My First PEAK!

  1. I really like this concept of getting outdoors and hiking. I really believe that walking/running is not considered important enough and this is what we humans do! It is our forte.

    • I feel exactly the same way. The hiking is more strenuous than simple walking/running. And since we move at odd angles, step over/on rocks/logs etc., we’re working more of our muscles. I truly enjoy it more. I think it’s more “primal/paleo” 🙂

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