The Grand Ditch and I’ve lost body FAT! WOOT!

It’s been a busy, busy month for me. Learning the whole “housekeeping” job and trying to get my body used to so much physical activity. I had been hiking every day behind my house. However, it does NOT compare to this job in ANY way, shape or form. I have maintained my weight at 131, but I have lost some inches.

-.5  upper chest

-.25 under the breasts

-1 on the hips

-.5 on the thighs

-.25 on my calves

-.5 upper arms

I added a bit to the waist, but who cares. I think the fat is all migrating somewhere anyway. I must be building that stuff…what’s it called?…muscle? Yeah, that’s it! I showed hubby my bicep pose the other day and he was impressed!

Today was our 60 day anniversary of quitting smoking…again..finally…for the last FREAKIN’ time already! We celebrated by hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We took the trail that goes up to “The Grand Ditch“. You can see it’s horizontal path through the mountains from several vantage points in the park. I’d always wanted to see it up close and personal. Our hike with almost 7 miles round trip. For the first time, it didn’t kick my butt! The raspberries were in season (ate lots, didn’t fight the bears for them), saw lots of golden mantled ground squirrels & a few chipmunks, but didn’t see any other wildlife. Well, except for the birds. 🙂 Enjoy the pics!


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