Long time, no see!

It’s been a long time since I blogged last. We’re still Paleo (of course) and we’re exercising pretty much regularly. Well, I am anyway. We’ve been hiking almost every weekend. How could you NOT hike in this gorgeous county? There are so many trails and so many points of interest. A couple weekends ago, we hiked out to Lone Pine Lake. It’s outside of Grand Lake, Colorado. Round trip, was 11.5 miles. Yeah, I demolished my legs on that one. If we’d been smart, we would’ve camped overnight and hiked back the next day.

It was raining this weekend. So we hiked (aka bushwhacked) some trails that are behind our house. They’re logging some beetle killed pine trees back there. Consequently, they demolished our trail. We ended up hiking uphill, over logs, stumps, limbs, etc. just to get back to the road. Took us almost 2 hours to finish 🙂

In the past 30 days I’ve boosted my activity level, obtained employment (as a housekeeper for a resort….busy, moving about, all day long) AND quit smoking! (TADA!) I’m down to 131 lbs (4 lb loss in 30 days), lost .75 inches under the breasts, 1 inch lost at the belly button, .5 inch loss at the hips and .5 inch off the thighs. My goal is 120 lbs. It’s amazing that in November 2009, I was 170 lbs. I feel SO much better and I look amazing. I’m so happy I listened to my husband about being Paleo.


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