Leg Problems and trying to get fit….

I love it here in Colorado. It’s all “healthy” and high altitude and “stuff”. I really want to get all “healthy & stuff”. However, my calves don’t seem to want to cooperate with me and my exercise. A couple years ago, I tore my left medial gastrocnemius muscle and had to wear “the boot” for 6 weeks. Since then I’ve strained both calves several times. A lot of those incidents were DUMB, like walking downstairs or falling down skiing. Well, during our hike on Saturday, I felt the left calf beginning to cramp and strain. So we turned around and went back down. Then, stupid me, decided to take my walk in the hills behind our house yesterday. I felt great! So I decided to run UP a little hill. Ow, ow, ow, ow……then the popping in the calf and the cramping, and I knew I was done.

Does anyone have a chronic calf problem like this? How in the heck do you combat it? Should I just stick to bike riding? Image


5 thoughts on “Leg Problems and trying to get fit….

  1. I ran my first half-marathon early in May, and then just didn’t feel like running for a few weeks after that. The longer I went without running, the more achy my knees became. Finally I got back out there and after just a couple nice long runs the aches were gone.

    I’m reluctant to say that you can ” push through,” because we’re all different, but pushing through generally works for me.

    That, and a whole lot of stretching…

    • Well, I think it was just a strain. But I’m getting tired of them. They keep coming back. GRRR! I’m going to try stretching, preparing my leg (actually mentally preparing), and some compression bandages. It’d be nice if I could trail run around here. Especially since I have SO many awesome trails right behind my house! I’m going to try pushing through….it usually works well for me too.

  2. I walk for fitness (I outdid my best mileage and walked a total of 15.7 miles today!). I don’t ever have problems with my calves, but after a long day like today, my hips ache and my feet hurt. I’ve lost 57 pounds primarily by walking since October last year (though I did join up with a gym in May that’s helping to firm up the muscles, too). I would highly recommend walking–it’s low impact, and takes no special equipment. 🙂 My fitness level is 1000% better than it was, and I can walk faster now than I have in a long time. I’m still relatively slow compared to other people, but I’m still over a 100 pounds or so overweight, so I figure the smaller I get, the faster I’ll be, lol.

    • I’ve been walking too. I suppose I should stop trying to run. I’ve just always wanted to run. But I think my body is complaining to me. I can’t fix the calf issues and I also have recurring neurology issues in my hip and thigh. I sure wish I’d done all this in my 20s & 30s instead of my 40s & soon to be 50s 🙂

      Excellent job on your weight loss 🙂 Keep up the great work 🙂

      • I know what you mean about wanting to run. I do, too. I want to try to push myself, see how far I can take it, see how quickly I can progress. My mind tells me I can progress a lot more quickly. By body disagrees. I know from experience if I start jogging or running when I’m at this weight, my hip flares up something awful and then I don’t get to anything at all, let alone walk. So I’m waiting and biding my time. Someday, maybe. Maybe not. It may just be that my hip cartilage is too worn down and it can’t handle the impact. I don’t know. We’ll see. Good for you for doing what you can, though!

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