Primal and the end of the Internet

Sooooo, we recently moved just outside of “town”. Rented a really adorable house, spent the first 3 days cleaning the crap out of it. (it was recently rented by a single, young attorney that didn’t know how to clean anything.) Took me forever to get the satellite installed so we could watch TV. Then 4 calls to CenturyLink (in which they couldn’t locate MY address), I finally talked to a bright girl who didn’t give up. She found my address and told me the only REAL option I had was DIAL-UP! BWAHAHAHAHA! I haven’t had dial up in about 20 years. So No, no interwebs for us. So I cut all my notifications off, unsubscribed to everything (total sadness) and I’m stuck with my cell phone for internet use. I wonder how long it’ll take AT&T to slap my hands for it 🙂 I’ll try and get down to the library about once a week so I can do some “work” online.  Take care ya’ll!


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