Sunday Discussion: Sugar

Very eye opening, scary, excellent video about Sugar.

Geek Alabama

When I watched 60 minutes last weekend I saw this story about why sugar is helping to decline the health of America.  Here’s the video.

Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup is just about in everything in our food supply.  And I hate to say this; I do believe it’s helping to cause the record amount of people who are obese in our country.  And people living in the south know this all too well.  We love our sugar!  Things from sweet tea to desserts are loaded with sugar.  In the south; people love using butter and sugar in many of the foods we love to eat.  The movie Food, Inc. also helped to expose the numerous foods in stores that have hidden sugars.

I think way too many food products have sugar in them.  And some food companies out there just add sugar so people will buy their product.  Why; because…

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