Paleo is SO easy…check out Joe’s Primal Scream if you don’t believe me.

Joe's Primal Scream

You might be under the impression that eating paleo or cooking in general has to be a time-consuming ordeal.  It doesn’t.  Actually, my experience thus far is that most of the meals I cook are very simple, and can be done in under twenty minutes.  On a whim I decided to put together some that could be done in the time it takes to decide which channel you’re going to watch out of the 300 odd ones that you subscribe to.  Amazing you cannot settle on something.  Put down the remote.  You’re aggravating me.

9) Blackened Fish –   

If you’re quick, yes, you can turn this one in under nine minutes.  A little butter, a hot pan, and some spices and a quick hit on the heat and you’ve got a delicious and fast meal.  My favorite is flounder or trout, but any fish can be blackened.  Just keep…

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