I am going to try this one! Thanks Primal Belly!

Primal Belly

The last time I was in Whole Foods was my first time in there since going Paleo.  I might have went a little crazy.  For reals.  I bought pound after pound of grassfed beef (all types), veal, pork, chicken, and two types of fish.  I bought a few fillets of sea bass and a rather large chunk of wild caught Sockeye salmon.  We have long since gone through all of it, save the salmon.  I had popped it in the freezer to keep so, a couple of days ago, I pulled it out and set it in the fridge to thaw.  I felt pretty sure that I would bake it with herbs and lemon (from my tree) but there it was tonight, staring at me.  I had already decided that dinner would be easy…store-bought rotisserie chicken, sauteed kale and bacon (thank you, nom nom Paleo!!) and roasted carrots with…

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      • I made them on Friday evening, and all present loved them! The salmon I used was not wild caught, but that didn’t seem to matter. Also, I grated fresh ginger into the mix, so I cut back on it a bit, and I’m glad I did. A full teaspoon would have overpowered the salmon. This is definitely a keeper!

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