Week 3 of Primal/Paleo

Two years ago, I had hypertension. I was on medication for quite a while. This really disturbed me, considering my young age. Then I lost some weight with P90X and my BP returned to normal. I stopped the medication. (with my Physician’s blessing, of course) My Hubby and I took up bike riding after that and we loved it. We had a wonderful trail near our house and we could ride for as many miles as we wanted. Usually it was a good 20 miles or more. The only problem, was I never lost any more weight. It just seemed to be stuck there. My husband found information about The Paleo Diet online and decided to try it. He was hooked! I was skeptical. I spent a lot of time arguing about potatoes, beans and cheese. He lost weight….a LOT of weight (25 lbs). I didn’t (of course). I couldn’t possibly be bothered with this “fad”. It interfered with my crackers and cheese, my hash-browns, potatoes, and my beloved CANDY!

Well, I couldn’t possibly let him get away with that success. So I started, half-assed, but I started. When I started to see results, I started to get hooked. Then I started to read. I realized, soon after, that he was right. (don’t tell him I said that!) Since I’ve been going along with this new “Lifestyle” I have had several changes in my health. No more GERD, IBS, or PMDD! I thought for sure I’d be on medication for the remainder of my life. It really sucked, since I’m only 48. So I am more than ecstatic with the results so far.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been intermittently fasting, have cut the alcohol out of my diet, caffeine is gone, and I even stopped adding that little bit of honey  in my green tea.

So, without further adieu:

136 lbs (loss of 1 1/2 lbs, 4 lbs total in 3 weeks)

33 1/2″ – under the bust (loss of 3/4″)

35″ – at the belly button (loss of 1″)

37 1/2″ – at the hips (no change)

20 1/2″ – at the thigh (loss of 1/2″)

As promised, here is a photo of me from January 2011 (top) and another of me today (bottom). I was wearing a 14 in January and now size 10 today!


11 thoughts on “Week 3 of Primal/Paleo

  1. You look fantastic! Itoo was a skeptic 2 years ago before going Paleo. I was gluten-free for 5 years but didn’t know about going the next step. Wow, what a difference giving up dairy totally, sugar and the gluten-free grains.

    I could hear the excitement in your voice.

    You go girl!

    • Most of what I learned was from MarksDailyApple.com There are also tons and tons of blogs out there with recipes, information and suggestions. It’s so easy to eat Paleo and I don’t miss bread at all. I do miss sugar on occasion though. Thanks for the comments 🙂

  2. It seems like your gaining a lot of muscle, and losing a lot of fat, since you have gone down a lot in size but your weight has held somewhat constant. That is really great news!

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