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Connecticut Dweller's Lament

Dogs are man’s best friend…and also a leading cause of childhood hospitalizations.

There’s something about a dog. The way they look at you, the way you are their world, their master. It’s almost humbling. But if there’s one thing that bugs me it’s when people trust their dogs too much.

Dogs aren’t people. They don’t think like people, reason, or even feel the same emotions for the same reasons. Do dogs get sad? Lonely? Who knows for sure. They definitely seem happy when you get home with their tails wagging and their eyes wide open and bright, though.

Recently a news anchor was bit in the face on live television by a dog. The canine was the subject of a news story about firemen rescuing the dog from a frozen lake. A dog behavior expert has since exonerated the dog, pointing out that: ‘”Basically, she did everything wrong,” Ron…

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