Week 2 of Primal/Paleo

So today is the end of week 2. I’ve been very, VERY good this week. I even quit using honey in my decaf green tea! I haven’t noticed a huge weight loss, but the fat is disappearing from some areas quicker than others. I have been skiing quite a bit, so I suppose I’m developing muscles somewhere. (And no, not in my big mouth LOL!)

Today’s totals are:

137 1/2 lbs (lost 1 1/2 lbs)

34 1/4″ under bust (no change)

34″ @ the belly button (lost 1 1/2″)

37 1/2″ @ the hips (no change)

21″ on the upper thigh (no change)

I’m  a size 10 pants at the moment. Down from a tight size 14 last year! (Thank you to P90X – which I did twice and then tore my left calf muscle doing something DUMB) I have 2 pairs of size 8 pants in the closet. I tried them on this morning and I can button them! Well, they don’t look pretty, but I’m getting VERY close! WOOT! I’ll have my hubby take a better picture of me for next week’s post! I even have a comparison photo from last year. Then you can see what puttering around with Paleo can do over the course of a year. Well, I’m NO longer puttering! I’m sticking to it!


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