This was absolutely the BEST thing I’ve made that’s Paleo. Thanks to The Paleo Periodical 🙂

The Paleo Periodical

Y’all. I used to be a noodle fiend. I loved all kinds and all applications. When I lived in Albuquerque years ago, there was a restaurant named Nothing But Noodles, and lemme tell you, that was a menu that made me happy. Italian noodles, Japanese noodles, Chinese noodles. I loved them all.

Obviously, noodles and I had to break up. But one of my favorite noodle dishes was Lo Mein—soft wheat noodles with a soy-based sauce and some bits of cabbage, carrot, and onion. If the cook knew what they were doing, they used a well-seasoned wok to make it and the noodles and veggies would get some nice, dark caramelized spots.

As I sat conjuring dinner one night, I had a craving for that flavor. But Asian sauces are notoriously complex, and I wasn’t sure it would even be possible to make something remotely close. I found a recipe…

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