Honeymoon Island

My husband and I decided to go on a bit of an outdoor trek yesterday. We’d been to Honeymoon Island before, but many years ago. It’s a lovely place north of Clearwater, Florida. It has lovely sand beaches and some not-so sandy ones too. It also has a nice nature trail we’d intended to hike. Unfortunately, we did not realize that when the sign at the gate says “Mosquitos are plentiful on the Nature Trail”, it means you are about to become the only food for these mosquitos for miles and they will descend upon you like locusts. Well, they certainly descended upon my husband, poor man. He slapped, cussed, walked and slapped some more. I even did a bit of slapping myself…..on HIM. The nasty little biters didn’t seem to bother me at all. After about a mile 1/2, we surrendered and fled the forest for the safety of our car. We certainly weren’t prepared for the insectile onslaught yesterday!

We decided to head back towards the beach, where the mosquitos were kept at bay by the sea breezes. I spent most of my time walking barefoot here. Even on the piles of shells and big rocks. After a while though, my feet were “over stimulated” I guess you could say. I had to surrender and walk back to the car through the parking lot. I had no damage to my feet and they feel wonderful today. I guess they had just had enough. Tom’s feet enjoyed the gravel and shells but did not enjoy the little sand spurs (Cenchrus incertus). He counted 7 of them at one time in his foot.

You can imagine what these sharp little pests feel like. If you’re tender-footed, they can hurt a lot. Tom is not, so he just plucks them out and carries on. He’s a TOUGH barefooter! Even tougher than me!

Here are some of the images my husband shot while were enjoying the beach (sans mosquitos).


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