GERD the Evil Stomach Destroyer

I am totally loving how Paleo has helped me to lose weight. My GERD (aka reflux disease) is better, but I’m still having some issues. I’ve gone many days without my Prilosec, but I still get the indigestion and occasion heartburn attacks. So now comes even more change for me.

  1. Cut out coffee and tea
  2. No more dairy (boo I love yogurt)
  3. No more eggs (just for a few weeks)
Now, you all know what a big coffee drinker my husband is. I think his blood is 50% coffee. I wouldn’t dream of making him give up his. I’m just going to try and cut down gradually and then switch to a nice herbal tea without caffeine. Nobody likes the decaff-headache….especially me!
Also going to put on a Nicoderm patch tonight before I go to bed. I’m giving up those nasty things tomorrow. I’ll probably have wacky dreams, but I don’t care!

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