Change Your Mindset

My daughter asked me about what to eat for breakfast and lunch. I told her “you need to think outside the lunch box”. Following a Paleo diet means I can eat anything I want for breakfast. I can also eat whenever I want. I no longer follow the BLD method of feeding myself (breakfast, lunch & dinner). I eat when I’m hungry.

I had recently done some research for Paleo breakfasts. I admit, I was wondering what I should eat myself!  Anything beyond bacon & eggs! I know that eggs are marvelous, and all that. However, I’m not a huge egg “lover”. Unless hot sauce is lovingly drizzled over my scrambled eggs, I can hardly choke them down. What I found, in the course of my search, was that people are eating left overs for breakfast. Or a nice coconut milk and fruit smoothie. Pretty much anything you want!

So, my advice to you all is eat what you want. (As long as it fits the Paleo diet.) It doesn’t HAVE to be cereal, oatmeal, bagels or donuts. We’ve all been conditioned to eat that way over the course of our lives. It’s time to recondition your brain. I’m actually considering a hamburger. I wonder if we have any left-overs?


4 thoughts on “Change Your Mindset

  1. Kudos to you for trying this. I have to have carbohydrates. I am Spanish and if there is no rice, that is not a meal. But, I do admire you for trying something different and healthy.

    • Thanks! It seems to work very well. I haven’t lost a bunch of weight, but I feel better. I can’t do dairy or wheat because it just ruins my digestive system. However, I do indulge in a bit of rice now and then. It may not be paleo, but it doesn’t have any gluten!

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