I Hate Shoes!

I’m sure most of us remember summers spent running around outdoors barefoot. We ran pell mell down gravel roads with nary a care in the world! I remember my mother griping that I would “catch my death of pneumonia” because it was only 60 degrees and raining outside. Of course, I would be barefoot. Besides, who wants to step in puddles with shoes on and then walk around in squishy tennie?

As an adult, I’ve suffered numerous foot problems caused by shoes. Not just high heels (although they caused some of the worst), but flats, tennis shoes and boots. The doctor could never tell me what was wrong, and I wasn’t about to waste money on MRIs or CT scans. I didn’t have time and I needed to get back to work. Since giving up the heels, my feet have gotten SO much better. No aching arches, no sore heels and no pinched nerve feeling in the ball of my foot. I’ve gone further now, and only wear shoes when I have to work. Although, I do take them off when I get there and walk around in socks. Who cares, nobody sees me on midnight shift anyway!

What happens when a person breaks or sprains a limb? You go to the doctor, an x-ray is taken, and a cast or splint is placed on the damaged limb. This usually takes many weeks of healing until the physician has the cast removed. Afterwards, you look down and a withered and weak limb that requires, sometimes, many months of physical therapy and restrengthening exercises.Take anormal infant,

with those cute and chubby feet. Now put shoes, with barely flexible soles on that child, while it learns to walk. You have effectively “splinted” the child’s foot, preventing the toes from helping to balance that adorable over-sized head and body. I’ve seen babies wearing shoes fall down, over and over again. But the minute you remove the shoes, the child doesn’t fall down at all. This is what are toes are for. We NEED them to balance. Now that people insist on wearing shoes all the time, they have weakened muscles, weak arches and no sense of what the ground feels like any more. Compound this over time and imagine what you have done to your own feet.

There’s so much more I could write about being barefoot and why. But, since this is my first post, I’ll save my other ideas for later. Besides, I have to go kick my bare feet up and relax. It’s my day off! Next time I’ll write about the elderly and falls. Ciao!


One thought on “I Hate Shoes!

  1. I have just started going shoeless more the last few days as I would rarely ever go outside without shoes or flip flops on. I was watching a few Youtube videos recently about the benefits of being barefoot, including a few talks by Doctors & medical researchers about the “Grounding/Earthing” principle & te effects electrical build up in our bodies can have on us. Inflammation especially is benefitted by simply having contact with the earth via our feet. It’ll be interesting to see if it helps my arthritis in my feet as that’s mostly an inflammatory thing. Enjoyed reading your post

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