Parents opt out of rat race with teeny, tiny house


I could live in this house for sure!

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Could you live in something this small? Pre-fab houses have been on the market for several years now, and it looks like people are turning to them for efficiency…and just cutting back on unneeded space. Also gives you the opportunity to clean out your closets!

Photo tour: Parents opt out of rat race with teeny, tiny house | BabyCenter Blog.

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See how to debunk viral photos in seconds using image search

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Google Image Search Back in August I wrote about how Google Image Search and other reverse image search engines are a valuable tool to debunk viral hoaxes. Last week yet another example popped up that shows just how easy these types of debunks can be.

The new example involves social media posts about animal rights and animal testing. Photos of suffering animals are always compelling, and often go viral. While most people sympathize with the animals pictured, there is a secondary lesson here – don’t forget to apply skepticism to viral content even when the message confirms your own beliefs and pet causes.

I’m an animal fan myself – we have both a dog and a cat in our household. The purpose of this post is not to criticize animal rights activists, but show how to verify photos. So lets see how it’s done.

Warning: If you are particularly sensitive to pictures of…

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Beginning of Bacon Week!


Oh MY GAWD! I must definitely try this.

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Mmmm…Bacon!  The smell, the crispy texture, the intense flavor and there are healthy ways to cook with it – in moderation.  Every recipe this week will include bacon.  You can substitute turkey bacon or a veggie bacon – try a few different types of bacon to mix it up.  Order bacon from the deli counter and taste the difference – they usually offer amazing different smoky flavors.  Always look for a leaner bacon with more pink/red meat than white fat – thick cuts are usually a bit meatier.


Plantains and Bacon

serves 2-3

4 plantains

3 strips of bacon

Dash of: Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Dime Size pinch of: Sage

Cilantro to taste.

Chop up bacon into small slices.  Sautee over medium heat until pan is lined with bacon fat.

Add in sliced plantains and herbs.

Cook until plantains are crispy and begin to brown.

Remove from heat.

Serve with black beans & avocado.

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